Yishi Zhi Zun Episode 13 Chinese Subbed

ONA 2023

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Yishi Zhi Zun

Status: Ongoing Released: 2023 Type: Alternative Name:
一世独尊, Ancient Lords
Lin Yun, the sword slave of the Qingyun Sect in Tianshui Kingdom, after his rebirth, his aptitude with extremely poor comprehension became different. After a set of Tiger Fist, he directly broke through to the triple realm of martial arts that can become a disciple of an outside sect. However, even though he got rid of his identity as a sword slave and became an outer disciple, Lin Yun was still discriminated against by other disciples of the sect, all because of the unwritten rule of "one day a sword slave, a lifetime a sword slave"... The road to martial arts is full of hardships. How does Lin Yun constantly challenge himself, find opportunities for improvement, break the sect's grievances, rewrite the life of a sword slave, and step into the pinnacle of martial arts?