The Urban Miracle Doctor Episode 12 Chinese Subbed

ONA 2023

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The Urban Miracle Doctor

Status: Ongoing Released: 2023 Type: Alternative Name:
Metropolitan City's Ying Yang Miracle Doctor, The Urban Miracle Doctor, Urban Medical Ying Yang Doctor, 都市阴阳仙医, Du Shi Yin Yang Xian Yi, Urban Yin-yang Doctor
Lin Xiu returned to civilization confident and proud after training with a master who cannot be named on a celestial island cut off from the real world. In his quest to uphold justice, he courageously picks fights with elites in the community wreaking havoc among the rich and the powerful. Be it ghosts, spirits, or seniors of the daoist association, he is fearless. Will the little girl Xiao Tong stay a little girl as she accompanies him on his journey to track down the rest of his friends from the orphanage they once shared?