Nushen You Dian Ling Episode 5 Chinese Subbed

ONA 2023

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Nushen You Dian Ling

Status: Ongoing Released: 2023 Type: Alternative Name:
我的灵异女友, Oh! Juyesuyeo, 오!주예수여, Oh! My goddess!, 女神有点灵
Yao Ling and Hu Xiaozhen, who parted ways due to a misunderstanding in childhood, reunited in the academy after they grew up. The infatuated female protagonist hopes to continue writing a sweet journey with the male protagonist, but due to the appearance of the mysterious administrator, Ma Shen, "accidents" occur frequently. Under the lure of Ma Shen's plan, the two became acting administrators and they help spirits to realize their long-cherished dreams, in order to continue their progress in love. Through the experience of missions again and again, the relationship between Hu and Yao becomes deeper and deeper, and they are moving towards the road of righteousness. But the true purpose of Ma Shen gradually implicates the operating laws behind the world, and more mysteries, and dangers lie between the hero and heroine.