Invincible Villain Episode 31 Chinese Subbed

ONA 2023

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Invincible Villain

Status: Ongoing Released: 2023 Type: Alternative Name:
We Villains Don't Wanna Be Stepping Stones, 我们反派才不想当踏脚石, Ten Thousand Ways Demon Sect , 万道魔宗, Wandao Mozong
An online writer transmigrated into the body of Ling Xiao, a prince. Nobody came for his root bone, nobody betrayed him, and nobody treated him coldly. On the contrary, his cultivation level was super high, he had all kinds of magic weapons and pills, and could show his sainthood in front of people at will. He was happy with it! The only problem is— Ling Xiao is a villain, and a villain’s destiny is to be a stepping stone for the chosen one (protagonist)! The world is full of injustice and oppression against the villains! Let’s see how Ling Xiao will outsmart the chosen one to revive the glory of villains!