Dream Racers (Dub) Episode 49 Dubbed

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Dream Racers (Dub)

Status: Completed Released: 2011 Type: Alternative Name:
Caused by a sister's only dream, a teenager named Dragon Ron accompanied his sister Dragon Shane on a journey, hoping to revive the Air force team that falls apart due to a loss they'll never forget to the defending champion which is the Titans team. They only had 3 months to prepare themselves for revenge. But the unforgettable loss of the Air force team really blows them off, reuniting the team was never been easy, as the matter of fact, they become much worse than ever. But only in this difficult time, the rookie team were able to make a breakthrough and become more powerful. Dragon Ron and her sister not only rebuilt the Air force team, this newly formed team even improved a lot after overcoming different types of obstacles. At this moment, Dragon Ron's incredible talent suddenly burst out. He trained relentlessly and eventually became a professional racer. 3 months was just like a blink of an eye, the Titans team is just like a big mountain blocking the glory in front of them that once slipped away, but Dragon Ron's eyes is telling us, they aren't afraid, they won't hold back, they will crush this big mountain that's blocking their way in order to fulfil the race of their dreams. This time, they'll win!